Optometry Services at the Eye Lab

Optometry Services at the Eye Lab

Delve into a world of specialised eye care, cutting-edge diagnostics, and personalised solutions at The Eye lab. From thorough examinations to advanced diagnostic testing and precise prescription fittings, our optometry services ensure your visual health is in excellent hands.

Our Services

The Eye Lab, Melbourne. Ortho K.

Ortho K Assessments

Experience clear vision without daytime glasses or contacts through an ortho K assessment. This non-surgical alternative reshapes the cornea overnight, providing crisp vision throughout the day. Learn more

The Eye Lab, Melbourne. Contact Lens Test.

Contact Lens Assessments

Experience the freedom of clear vision with a contact lens assessment. Our experts guide you through the process of finding the ideal lenses for your lifestyle, ensuring optimal comfort and visual clarity. Learn more

The Eye Lab, Melbourne. Myopia.

Myopia Assessments

Address the growing concern of myopia with a myopia assessment. Our optometrists create tailored strategies to manage and control the progression of nearsightedness in individuals of all ages. Learn more

The Eye Lab, Melbourne. OCT Scans.

OCT Scans

OCT Scans provide a detailed cross-sectional view of your retina, aiding in the early detection and management of various eye diseases. This non-invasive imaging technology ensures accurate diagnosis and treatment. Learn more

The Eye Lab, Melbourne. OCT Scans.

Glaucoma Assessments

Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that damage the optic nerve and can result in partial or complete blindness if left untreated. It is often associated with elevated pressure inside the eye (known as ‘intraocular pressure’), but can also occur with normal or low intraocular pressure. Learn more

The Eye Lab, Melbourne. Visual Fields.

Visual Fields Assessments

Our visual fields assessment measures your peripheral vision, detecting potential abnormalities. By assessing your entire field of view, we ensure comprehensive care and prompt intervention when needed, preserving your visual health. Learn more

The Eye Lab, Melbourne. Diabetes Test.

Diabetes Testing

Diabetes Testing focuses on safeguarding your ocular health if you have diabetes. Our comprehensive assessments monitor any potential impact on your eyes, helping to prevent complications and preserve your vision. Learn more

The Eye Lab, Melbourne. Dry Eyes.

Dry Eyes Assessments

Combat discomfort and maintain healthy eyes with a dry eyes assessment. Our specialised evaluation identifies underlying causes of dryness, allowing us to recommend personalised solutions for lasting relief. Learn more

The Eye Lab, Melbourne. Child Eye Test.

Children's Eye Assessments

Our Children’s Eye Assessments ensure the visual wellbeing of your little ones. By detecting and managing any issues early, we pave the way for a brighter, clearer future for your child. Learn more

The Eye Lab, Melbourne. Topography.

Topography Assessments

A topography eye test maps the shape and curvature of the cornea — the transparent front part of the eye. It provides detailed information about the cornea’s surface, including its elevation, contours, and irregularities. Learn more

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