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Discover the ultimate destination for optometry services and eyewear at The Eye Lab. Located in the heart of Melbourne, we offer unparalleled eye care and a premium collection of glasses to suit your style and vision needs. Experience expert guidance and fashion-forward choices all under one roof.

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At The Eye Lab, we offer comprehensive optometry services that cater to your vision needs. From thorough eye exams to advanced diagnostic testing, our experienced optometrists ensure your visual health. We specialise in managing ocular conditions, prescribing corrective lenses, and fitting contact lenses. With a commitment to your wellbeing, we provide personalised solutions that enhance your quality of life. Explore our range of optometry services for more details.

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Up your eyewear game with The Eye Lab’s designer collection. Explore iconic brands like Tom Ford, Gucci, Givenchy, and more. Experience the exceptional craftsmanship and trendsetting designs that define these renowned brands, and unveil a world of timeless elegance.

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At The Eye Lab, we blend cutting-edge technology with personalised eyecare solutions. Our dedicated team of optometrists and staff ensures a seamless journey to better eye health. Learn more about our mission, values, and expertise.

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Testimonials Home – 01

Victor and the team at The Eye Lab are absolutely incredible. Very attentive to all my needs and provided different options until I found the perfect pair if glasses as well as sorting out my prescription for them at the same time. Highly recommend. Wouldn’t go anywhere else for my eye needs.

Michael Christodoulou

The only shop I purchase my glasses from. The owners are friendly, and very knowledgeable. They were more than happy to help my husband and I in purchasing the right prescription glasses and sunglasses! Being from Sydney was no issue for them at all. From the consultation, to picking out the right frames to shipping them to Sydney, I cannot thank The Eye Lab enough!

Natasha Salem

Amazing optometrists and customer service! Couldn’t recommend them any more to anyone needing eye care. The eye lab also has such a large range of quality branded frames. I found a pair of frames that actually suited me, and now have become someone that wears glasses every day.

Kimlynn Reid

Testimonials Home – 02

I brought my mum in store to get her eyes tested with Victor, customer service was genuine and friendly. Victor helped my mum by recommending frames and choose glasses that really flatter her face. I liked that all the frames available are stylish and on trend usually in other stores there is a limit to the designer section which makes it hard to find something flattering. Mum who frequently gets tested said she’s never had such a thorough eye test she felt cared for. Would recommend this optometrist to everyone.

Zieneb Farha

My experience with the eye lab has been nothing but short of amazing from start to finish. I purchased two designer pairs of optical glasses at a great price. I always get stopped and asked where I’ve purchased my glasses from and I happily and highly recommend the Eye Lab. Emma was great to deal with and I found her to be super helpful.

They have an extensive range of up to date products that not every other optical store has, so I highly recommend you check these guys out and support this wonderful family business and get yourself a unique pair of stunning specs.

Fiona Burgueno

The staff service is excellent as well.Thanks a lot Emma for helping me to choice my suitable glasses frame that suits my face. The optometrist Claudette Zakour-Yacoub was very professional and provide the best advices.

Recommend strongly for all my family, friends and others.

Salaam Al-Safar

Testimonial Home – 03

The Eye Lab is my go to for all my glasses and sunglasses! All of the staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable about all of their products. Victor the optometrist did my eye test and answered all the questions I had about transitioning from glasses to lenses and made my experience really easy. Emma in the front helped me find new prescription sunglasses to suit for driving/everyday wear, helping me find a pair that really suited my style and face shape! If I could give them more than 5 stars I definitely would!

Clara G

After having my lenses carelessly prescribed for me THREE times by other practitioners whereby they consistently failed to get it right and rushed my eye examinations leaving me with bad migraines as a result of the lenses they gave me, the Eye Lab perfected my prescription with one go. Eye Lab was highly recommended to me by another satisfied customer of theirs so I travelled across town to see Vic at the Eye Lab in hope for a solution to what I was dealing with. He was professional, diligent and outstanding in his conduct and took the time to ensure everything was done correctly for me, and Emma was also very diligent and helpful. They also have a very attractive range of eyewear. I would definitely recommend this business. Well done guys.

Ash and May Couture

The only shop I purchase my glasses from. The owners are friendly, and very knowledgeable. They were more than happy to help my husband and I in purchasing the right prescription glasses and sunglasses! Being from Sydney was no issue for them at all. From the consultation, to picking out the right frames to shipping them to Sydney, I cannot thank The Eye Lab enough!

Natasha Salem

Testimonials Home – 04

Nothing feels better than a HOT new pair of sunnies and reading glasses!!!

Thank you to Dr Vic for testing my eyes so thoroughly and to Emma for always helping me choose the right glasses to suit my face and make me feel like a rockstar every time I wear them.

11/10 service every time!!!!

Cassandra Risteska

Once again best in the west,I would not recommend anyone to go to SPEC SAVER they gave wrong glass to my daughter,came down yo see VICTOR once agine he did an excellent job with eye test and also remembered an eye drop for my not only did an excellent job but also saved my daughter eyes, Thank you so much VICTOR. 100/100 great job I am recommend everyone to go see VICTOR.

Majed Ashraf

Really great selection of designer brand eyewear and their service and professionalism are impeccable! Emma and Vik are so lovely and Claudette is such a wonderful optometrist. These guys are my go to place for my eyes.
Sarah Callea

Testimonials Home – 05

Consistently great service! They will go above and beyond to get you what you’re after. Such a warm vibe every time we visit, we wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Jane Le

Literally saved my eyes. Very informative and understanding, as I’m nervous when it comes to my eyes. Always a warm environment and super friendly. Huge range of high end designer frames to suit anyones face… oh and lenses in any colour. Thank you Vic and the team.

Michael Christodoulou

Wow! What a place. Such a huge range and great customer service.
Got my eyes tested, had no idea I needed glasses and now my coffee game is on point.
GS Cafe

Testimonials Home – 06

The best in the west, excellent service, excellent products, excellent eye test. I can see! I feel new all thanks to this shop and the owner, taking my family there very highly recommended. Love the new frame excellent quality of the frame and the lens so so happy thank you so much.

Majed Ashraf

Always had an issue finding the right pair of glasses that complimented my wide head shape, so put off buying a pair for years. Always went to mainstream stores,but never ended up with a pair of glasses I enjoyed wearing. Was referred to the Eye lab by a colleague. Finally have a pair of glasses that compliment my face, and I enjoy wearing!

Omer Boyaci

I had the best experience at The Eye lab. I had never had my eyes tested before and the team helped me find the perfect pair of glasses and were nothing short of accomodating and professional. I am particularly grateful that they were able to post my new glasses so quickly given that I lived quite far. Thanks!

Emily Foley

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Nestled in the vibrant neighbourhood of Newport, you’ll find us just a short walk from Newport Station. Our prime location ensures easy accessibility, bringing exceptional eye care and stylish eyewear closer to you.