Rag and Bone Eyewear at The Eye Lab

Rag and Bone Eyewear at The Eye Lab

Discover Rag and Bone’s eyewear collection, where British heritage meets modern innovation. Renowned for its craftsmanship and timeless style, Rag and Bone merges classic British tailoring with a contemporary edge.

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Explore Eye Lab’s selection of high-quality frames designed for those who value originality and elegance. Experience the blend of authentic style and innovative design that defines Rag and Bone eyewear.

Introduction to Rag and Bone Eyewear

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Discover Our Rag and Bone Collection

Statement Frames:

Explore unique designs, such as thicker frames, wide-frame styles, and two-tone designs, that make a bold impression and showcase Rag and Bone’s distinctive urban street style.

Classic Staples:

Rag & Bone eyewear uses well-crafted frames in a range of clean silhouettes to suit anyone. Find a versatile, timeless pair for everyday wear designed for durability and modern style.

Sunglasses Range:

From classic British elegance to edgy New York style, Rag and Bone sunglasses feature high-quality lenses and UV protection, providing fashion-forward eye care.

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Why Choose Rag and Bone Eyewear from The Eye Lab

Opting for Rag and Bone eyewear at The Eye Lab offers access to exclusive collections, expert fitting services, and personalised style advice from our experienced optometrists. Enjoy a tailored shopping experience to ensure your eyewear suits your vision needs and complements your look.

Style Your Look with Rag and Bone

Select bold, wide frames to make a statement, or opt for timeless classics for everyday luxe. Angular frames complement round faces, while oval faces can explore a variety of shapes. Tailor your Rag and Bone eyewear to your look and lifestyle—sleek, minimalist frames for work, or choose daring, oversized sunglasses for confidence in your daily adventures.
The Eye Lab Melbourne. Optometrist. Glasses.

Rag and Bone Eyewear FAQs

What makes Rag and Bone eyewear unique?

Rag and Bone eyewear stands out for its blend of urban street styles and tasteful luxury. The brand embodies iconic Anglo-American designs with edgy New York influences.

How can I find the perfect Rag and Bone frame for my face shape?

We recommend scheduling a consultation at Eye Lab for personalised advice tailored to your face shape.

Can I get prescription lenses in Rag and Bone frames?

Yes, you can get prescription lenses fitted into Rag and Bone frames at The Eye Lab.

What warranty or support does Rag and Bone eyewear come with?

Rag and Bone eyewear comes with a quality guarantee, ensuring that any product issues will be addressed with repairs or replacements.

Explore Rag and Bone Eyewear Today

Explore the world of Rag and Bone eyewear at The Eye Lab today. Browse our collection in-store or online to find your perfect frames. For personalised assistance and expert advice, schedule a consultation with us. Contact us via phone or book your appointment online.