Bausch and Lomb Contact Lenses at The Eye Lab

Bausch and Lomb Contact Lenses at The Eye Lab

Bausch and Lomb, established in 1853, is a brand known for its timeless aesthetic and ability to meet modern demands.

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Our curated selection of Bausch and Lomb contact lenses represents the best in lens technology, comfort, vision correction, and overall eye health.

Introduction to Bausch and Lomb at The Eye Lab

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Explore Our Bausch and Lomb Collection

Our Bausch and Lomb collection includes soft contact lenses that address various eye conditions and lifestyles.

Ultra Contact Lenses

Ultra Contact Lenses provide comfort and clear vision for people experiencing near-sightedness or far-sightedness. The innovative MoistureSeal Technology retains up to 96% moisture and reduces the impact of dryness or irritation for up to 16 hours. The Ultra lenses also offer exceptional breathability and UV-blocking capabilities for ultimate eye protection. Ultra Contact Lenses are a monthly lens – your maintenance schedule will be designed in collaboration with one of our optometrists.

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PureVision Lenses

PureVision Lenses are a monthly replacement lens suitable for Near-sightedness, Far-sightedness, and Presbyopia (loss of focus). These lenses are made from AerGel – a breathable silicone-hydrogel material that helps to maintain eye health. They also resist protein build-up, providing consistently sharp vision throughout their life cycle. A customised contact lens care schedule will be designed by one of our eye-care experts to meet your needs and match your lifestyle.

SofLens Daily Disposables

These single-use contact lenses utilise high-definition optics to provide clear, sharp vision even in low-light conditions. SofLens Daily Disposables are made from a protein-resistant material that reduces the risk of irritation and infection. Daily lenses are a convenient choice for those on the go, as there is no need for regular cleaning and disinfecting.

Biotrue ONEday Lenses

BioTRUE ONEday Lenses are multi-focal disposable contact lenses that mimic the biology of the eye. They allow for oxygen penetration and moisture retention while also helping to reduce glare. BioTRUe ONEday contact lenses are a hygienic and affordable choice for all-day clarity, comfort, and convenience.

Why Choose Bausch and Lomb Lenses from The Eye Lab?

We offer expert advice, the latest diagnostics tools, and patient, personalised service to ensure your Bausch and Lomb contact lenses are the right fit for you.
The Eye Lab Melbourne. Optometrist. Glasses.
The Eye Lab Melbourne. Optometrist. Glasses.

Caring for Your Bausch and Lomb Lenses

Your care routine will depend on the type of lens that you use. It will be designed in collaboration with our seasoned optometrists. General soft contact lens care includes:

  • Ensure your hands are clean before handling your lenses to prevent the transfer of dirt and bacteria.
  • Clean your lenses daily (except disposables) with a suitable contact lens solution.
  • Store lenses (except disposables) in a clean, dry case with a fresh solution that you replace daily.

Bausch and Lomb FAQs

How to determine the best Bausch and Lomb lens for my vision needs?

To find the right Bausch and Lomb contact lens, book a consultation with one of our experienced optometrists. This eye health assessment includes advice on the best contact lens for your vision needs and lifestyle choices.

Can I switch from another brand to Bausch and Lomb lenses?

Switching brands is possible but should only be done under the guidance of a qualified eye care professional.

What are the recommended practices for Bausch and Lomb lens care?

Recommended practices include:

  • Hand hygiene
  • Daily cleaning and disinfection
  • Proper storage
  • Avoid water exposure
  • Follow the wear and replacement schedule
  • Regular eye exams
  • Consult your eye care professional with any concerns

Discover the Ideal Bausch and Lomb Lens for You

Bausch and Lomb contact lenses cater to various vision needs and lifestyles. Contact us or book online for a comprehensive eye health assessment and personalised care. Together, we will find the best Bausch and Lomb contact lenses for you.