Myopia control in Melbourne

Myopia control in Melbourne

With the prevalence of myopia increasing, checking the health of your children’s eyes has never been more important. If you’re concerned about your child’s vision, book a myopia control appointment with our friendly team of Melbourne Optometrists.

What is myopia?

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Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a common condition of the eye that makes faraway objects blurry while near objects are clear. It mainly affects children and results from both environmental factors and genetics. While myopia isn’t curable, fantastic treatment options exist to manage this lifelong condition, including regular eye screening, specialised eye drops, and prescription glasses or contact lenses.

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Why is myopia control important?

As the number of children and adults with myopia continues to increase globally, raising awareness of the condition and improving the availability of screening is essential. While it impacts vision, it can also increase the risk of eye diseases such as macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma. Early screening for myopia is necessary to protect children’s eyesight, slow the progression of nearsightedness and maintain their quality of life.

Why choose The Eye Lab for myopia control?

Our optometrists are experienced and trained in myopia control and passionate about protecting eyesight and maintaining eye health, particularly for children. They work collaboratively with you and your child, offering a range of myopia management options, from eye drops, glasses, and contact lenses to suit your lifestyle.

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Book a myopia eye test with The Eye Lab

At the Eye Lab, we offer a range of services to check the health of you and your child’s eyes. Book a myopia eye test today if you’re looking for an experienced optometrist to check your child’s eyesight. Our myopia control or myopia management options aim to reduce the risk of your child becoming myopic or short-sighted and prevent sight-threatening complications in adult life.


Can myopia be cured?

While there’s no cure for myopia, it’s managed effectively with early detection and non-invasive treatments. To reduce the risks associated with this lifelong condition and slow the progression of visual impairment, we recommend testing for myopia control at an early age and using a range of treatments to slow its progression.

Common treatments for myopia

At The Eye Lab, we use a variety of myopia treatment options, including glasses and contact lenses. Other treatments, such as orthokeratology, refractive surgery and atropine eye drops, may also assist in reducing the progression of myopia.

How much does myopia control cost at The Eye Lab?

At The Eye Lab, we offer affordable mixed payment options for eye screening and vision testing. The cost of a 45 minute myopia control assessment is $112.50 and includes an eye health check, imaging and discussion regarding best treatment option suitable for the child.

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