Alcon Contact Lenses at The Eye Lab

Alcon Contact Lenses at The Eye Lab

Alcon is a global eye-care leader with a seventy-five-year history of excellence and innovation. Alcon contact lenses are known for their advanced technology and comfort.

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Alcon is also a proud partner with PlasticBank and is committed to reducing plastic waste in our oceans by funding collection points in vulnerable coastal communities worldwide. Now, that’s something worth seeing.

Introduction to Alcon Contact Lenses

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Explore Our Range of Alcon Contact Lenses

Our range of Alcon Daily Disposable lenses covers various eye conditions, including Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, Presbyopia and Astigmatism, in both disposable and extended-wear lenses.

Multifocal Lenses

As you age, you may experience Presbyopia – a condition that makes it hard for your eyes to focus. Multifocal contact lenses help you see clearly at varying distances. Alcon’s multifocal lenses are aspheric, a design that naturally corrects the distortion in your vision and allows you to see better, even on the periphery and in dim light.

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Toric Lenses for Astigmatism

Astigmatism is blurry, fuzzy vision caused by an irregular-shaped cornea. Toric lenses help correct this condition so you can enjoy clear, crisp vision. Alcon Toric Lenses address your unique needs and comfortably deliver precise vision so you can enjoy your favourite activities every day.

Daily Disposable Lenses

Daily disposable lenses require no lens care or storage, making them the ideal option if you’re always on the go. We stock Alcon daily disposable lenses for Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, Astigmatism and Presbyopia.

Extended Wear Lenses

Extended-wear lenses can be worn continuously for several days, reducing the need for daily cleaning and storage. If you struggle with a daily lens care routine due to regular travel or shift work, extended-wear lenses can reduce that stress. They also allow for clear vision immediately upon waking. Our range of Alcon extended-wear lenses can be prescribed for Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, Presbyopia and Astigmatism.

Why Choose Alcon Contact Lenses from The Eye Lab

We offer personalised advice, custom fittings, and expert guidance in the heart of Melbourne. Our contact lens consultations will help you easily transition from glasses to contacts.

The Eye Lab Melbourne. Optometrist. Glasses.
The Eye Lab Melbourne. Optometrist. Glasses.

Caring for Your Alcon Contact Lenses

Caring for your Alcon contact lenses will depend on your prescribed lens type. Our team of optometrists will create your personalised cleaning and care schedule during your consultation. However, general care tips for Alcon reusable contact lenses include:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling your reusable Alcon contact lenses to prevent the transfer of dirt or oils to the lenses.
  • Always use the recommended contact lens solution to clean and disinfect your Alcon lenses daily.
  • Store your Alcon contact lenses in a clean, disinfected case with a fresh contact solution that you replace daily.

Alcon Contact Lenses FAQs

How do I know which Alcon lens is right for me?

Schedule an eye exam and consultation with one of our friendly optometrists to assess your eye health, vision needs, and the impact of your lifestyle on these factors. Alcon contact lenses address various eye conditions – we can prescribe the correct one for you.

Can I wear contact lenses if I have dry eyes or Astigmatism?

Yes, specific contact lenses are designed to cater to these conditions. Some Alcon contact lenses feature blink-activated moisture release to reduce the impact of dry eyes. Alcon contact lenses for Astigmatism are available as daily disposables or extended-wear lenses.

How often should I replace my Alcon contact lenses?

Lens replacement depends on the type of lens you are prescribed. Your consultation with our expert team will address this as part of your eye care plan.

What should I do if I experience discomfort with my lenses?

If you experience any discomfort with your lenses:

  • Remove the lens and inspect it for any damage or debris.
  • Clean the lens with your recommended contact lens solution.
  • Reinsert the lens if it looks clean and intact.
    If discomfort persists, apply lubricating eye drops approved for contact lens use.
  • Rest your eyes by wearing glasses instead of lenses for a while.
  • If discomfort continues, visit your eye-care professional for expert and personalised advice.

Discover the Perfect Alcon Lens for You

For unrivalled care, expert advice, comprehensive eye exams, ongoing support, and innovative lens technology, contact us or book online for an Alcon contact lens consultation at The Eye Lab.