Corneal Topography Eye Testing Melbourne

Corneal Topography Eye Testing Melbourne

Do you want the best care possible for your eyes? A topography eye test at Eye Lab Melbourne is a non-invasive diagnostic procedure that allows optometrists to analyse the corneal surface of your eye for abnormalities or irregularities. Visit our boutique optometry clinic, in Melbourne’s west, for a thorough corneal topography test to ensure your eyes are at their healthy best.

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A topography eye test maps the shape and curvature of the cornea — the transparent front part of the eye. It provides detailed information about the cornea’s surface, including its elevation, contours, and irregularities.

During an assessment, a topography device measures the reflection of light from the cornea to create a colour-coded map that shows variations in the cornea’s shape and curvature. This map helps identify conditions such as astigmatism, keratoconus, irregular corneal shape, corneal scars, and other corneal abnormalities.

What is a Topography Eye Test?

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Why Should You Do a Corneal Topography Test?

Whether you’re considering eye surgery, wearing contact lenses, or experiencing vision issues, a corneal topography eye test provides essential information that can guide treatment decisions and help maintain good visual function.

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Why Choose The Eye Lab for Topography Eye Testing?

With advanced diagnostic technology, experienced optometrists, and personalised care, The Eye Lab is the best choice for topography eye testing.

Our comprehensive corneal mapping service helps assess surgery suitability, diagnose eye conditions, and optimise contact lens fitting. Trust The Eye Lab for accurate results and exceptional eye health management.

Book a Corneal Topography Test at the Eye Lab

Make sure your eyes are their healthy best — use our convenient online booking system to book a topography eye test with one of our eye care professionals today.


How Does a Corneal Topography Test Work?

Corneal topography testing uses a specialised device to create a colour-coded map of the cornea’s shape and curvature. During the test, you’ll look at a fixation target while the device projects light across your cornea, measuring its reflection. Data from the test will reveal irregularities, helping to diagnose conditions and optimise your vision.

How Long Does a Topography Eye Test Take?

A corneal topography eye test is quick and painless. It typically takes 5 to 10 minutes and is used to:

  • Plan for surgery and evaluate surgical results.
  • Diagnose and monitor corneal conditions.
  • Fit contact lenses effectively.

How Much Does a Topography Eye Test Cost?

Bulk billing with Medicare applies to those with a valid concession card or who are under 16 years. Those services not covered by Medicare will be privately billed but will be discounted.

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