Carrera Eyewear and Sunglasses at The Eye Lab

Carrera Eyewear and Sunglasses at The Eye Lab

Since 1956, Carrera has been at the forefront of innovation, blending performance and fashion to create iconic sunglasses and eyewear. Known for its cutting-edge designs and superior quality, Carrera caters to both athletes and fashion enthusiasts.

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At The Eye Lab, browse a curated selection of Carrera products to suit your style, shape preferences, and visual needs. Find the perfect Carrera eyewear to complement your unique look and lifestyle today.

Introduction to Carrera at The Eye Lab

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Discover Our Carrera Collection

Signature Styles

Explore Carrera’s iconic eyewear designs at The Eye Lab, featuring distinctive elements like the Carrera “C” and bold, innovative shapes that have gained global popularity.

Latest Arrivals:

Discover the newest additions to our Carrera collection, showcasing the latest trends and technological advancements in stylish, high-performance eyewear.

Sports and Active Range:

Find Carrera sunglasses tailored for sports and outdoor activities. With exceptional functionality, they offer comfort and protection for active lifestyles.

Exclusive Editions:

Explore our limited edition Carrera eyewear, featuring unique designs and exclusive appeal for those seeking standout style.

Why Carrera Stands Out

Crafted with a blend of athletic inspiration and Italian elegance, Carrera eyewear embodies cutting-edge European craftsmanship. Each pair reflects the unique persona of its wearer and is a statement of quality and innovation.

From polarised sunglasses tailored for outdoor enthusiasts to various styles and shapes, Carrera offers eyewear to suit every taste. With a focus on versatility and a unisex design ethos, Carrera frames are the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Discover the ideal pair to complement your lifestyle within Carrera’s extensive collection.

The Eye Lab Melbourne. Optometrist. Glasses.
The Eye Lab Melbourne. Optometrist. Glasses.

Style Your World with Carrera

Choose from a range of add-ons like polarised lenses and scratch-resistant coatings for enhanced durability and comfort. Whether you’re selecting Carrera sunglasses for women or men, our expert team at The Eye Lab will help you find the perfect size and style to suit your face shape and personal style. From classic aviators to bold, statement-making designs, Carrera guarantees you emanate confidence.

Carrera Eyewear FAQs

What makes Carrera eyewear a good choice?

Carrera eyewear is an excellent choice due to its blend of sports-inspired innovation, Italian style, and exceptional quality.

How do I choose the right Carrera sunglasses for my needs?

To choose the right Carrera sunglasses, consider style preference, face shape, and desired functionality. Visit The Eye Lab for a personalised consultation.

Can I get prescription lenses in Carrera frames?

Yes, Carrera frames can be fitted with prescription lenses.

What warranty comes with Carrera eyewear?

Carrera eyewear comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Explore Carrera Eyewear Today

Ready to upgrade your eyewear? Visit The Eye Lab at 407 Melbourne Rd, Newport, to explore our curated Carrera collection. Schedule a personalised consultation with our expert team to find the perfect Carrera frames for your style and vision needs.

Contact us today to book your appointment and discover the world of Carrera eyewear.