Tom Ford Designer Sunglasses

Tom Ford Designer Sunglasses

Tom Ford designer sunglasses are a modern & elegant solution to protecting your vision and looking stylish while doing it! Our collection of Tom Ford sunglasses comes in a variety of shapes and sizes that all look iconic, no matter the face. The Eye Lab Melbourne is one of Australia’s leading retailers of sunglasses.

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Tom Ford is an American fashion designer born on August 27, 1961, in Austin, Texas. He launched his eponymous luxury brand in 2005, after serving as the creative director at Yves Saint Laurent. Ford’s career took off when he joined Gucci in 1990, eventually becoming the brand’s creative director. Under his leadership, Gucci’s value skyrocketed from near insolvency to over $4 billion.

Ford also served as the creative director for Yves Saint Laurent after Gucci acquired it in 1999. In 2006, after leaving Gucci, Ford launched his own line of menswear, beauty, eyewear, and accessories.

His brand is known for catering to international, cultured, and well-travelled customers with disposable income. The brand was purchased by Estée Lauder in November 2022 for $2.8 billion.

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The Ford brand of sunglasses is for both men and women. His sunglasses for men are all named after males, such as Bertrand, Clint and Corey. Similarly, his line of women’s sunglasses has names such as Joanna, Kaya and Winona.
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How to Choose Tom Ford Frames

Choosing Tom Ford frames involves a blend of style, comfort, and functionality. Start by identifying the shape of your face; Tom Ford offers a variety of frame styles that complement different facial structures, from oval and round to square and heart-shaped.

Material is another consideration; Tom Ford frames come in high-quality materials like acetate and metal, each offering a distinct look and feel. Lens features such as UV protection and anti-reflective coatings add functional value.

Don’t overlook the fit; ensure the frames sit comfortably on your nose and ears. Lastly, consider your lifestyle and fashion sense to select a frame that encapsulates your personal style.

Why Buy Tom Ford Sunglasses at The Eye Lab

Discover unparalleled luxury and style at The Eye Lab with our curated selection of Tom Ford sunglasses. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these frames offer not just aesthetic appeal but also superior UV protection. Elevate your look and enjoy a personalised fitting experience at The Eye Lab today.


How much do Tom Ford glasses cost?

Typically between $500 – $1000 Dollars.

What is the warranty on Tom Ford sunglasses?

All Tom Ford frames have a 1 year manufacturing warranty, We are also happy to repair frames or replace parts, please don’t throw them away!

What is the return policy for Tom Ford sunglasses?

If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return the frames to the clinic within 7 days of purchase.

How should I care for my Tom Ford sunglasses?

Like all Handmade frames, you will need to keep them in the case, when not in use and remove any dust or dirt, so you do not scratch the frame or lenses.

Come in Store Today to Try on a Pair of Tom Ford Sunglasses

Don’t miss the chance to find your perfect pair of Tom Ford glasses! Visit The Eye Lab today for a personalised fitting experience. Try on a variety of styles from top brands and let our experts guide you to your ideal match. Your ultimate eyewear awaits—see you in-store!