BlephEx Treatment at The Eye Lab

BlephEx Treatment at The Eye Lab

Dry, irritated and inflamed eyes can be an indication of blepharitis, a chronic inflammatory disease caused by bacterial or fungal infections, or meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). At the Eye Lab, we can use an innovative clinical treatment called BlephEx to clear away bacterial debris, leaving you free from the symptoms of blepharitis.

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The Blephex treatment uses a gentle exfoliating process to clear away bacteria and irritants in the lash follicle, offering relief from symptoms and improvements to overall eye health.

Understanding BlephEx Treatment

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The Benefits of BlephEx Treatment

Benefits of Blephex include:

  • Relief from blepharitis symptoms such as crusting, swelling and reddening of eyelids
  • Improved overall eye health
  • Freedom from associated chronic conditions

BlephEx Before and Afters

Following BlephEx treatment, patients with blepharitis symptoms (including chronic itchy eyes, crusting, redness and inflammation) can expect pain relief, improved overall eye health and freedom from associated conditions.

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What to Expect During Your BlephEx Session

BlephEx treatment lasts just a few minutes, during which our experienced optometrist will use the BlephEx handpiece to gently, painlessly clear bacterial biofilm from your eyelids.

BlephEx Treatment Cost and Considerations

Blephex treatment offers lasting relief of 3-6 months, offering invaluable benefits for sufferers of blepharitis. To find out more about how the procedure works, or to speak about Blephex costs and associated insurance coverage, please contact our friendly team today.

Why Choose The Eye Lab for Your BlephEx Treatment

As one of the leading providers of Blephex in Australia, The Eye Lab provides attentive care, industry-leading expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to treat blepharitis.
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FAQs About BlephEx Treatment

What is BlephEx Treatment, and how does it work?

BlephEx is a simple, in-office procedure used to treat the symptoms of blepharitis, including watery and itchy eyes, redness, crusting and pain. Using the BlephEx handpiece, your optometrist will gently clean or ‘exfoliate’ your eyelids, removing accumulated bacterial biofilm.

Is BlephEx Treatment painful?

BlephEx treatment is a gentle and brief clinical procedure that reduces pain and inflammation associated with blepharitis, leaving you comfortable and pain-free afterwards. There is no recovery period necessary and, after treatment, you are able to continue with your day as normal.

How often should BlephEx Treatment be done?

Blephex treatments can ease blepharitis symptoms immediately and prevent recurrence for up to six months. Your optometrist will work closely with you to determine how often future BlephEx treatments may be necessary.

Can BlephEx Treatment improve the effectiveness of other eye treatments?

By improving your overall eye health, BlephEx may also improve the effectiveness of other dry eye treatments. For more information, speak with your optometrist.

How can I find BlephEx treatment near me?

For local Blephex treatment in the Melbourne area, please visit us at the Eye Lab at 407 Melbourne Road Newport, Victoria 3015.

Book Your BlephEx Treatment Consultation

Eliminate the pain and irritation of blepharitis today with BlephEx. To learn more about the BlephEx treatment or to schedule a consultation with The Eye Lab team, please get in touch today.

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