OCT Eye Scans in Melbourne

OCT Eye Scans in Melbourne

Did you know that most eye health problems and eye diseases don’t have visible symptoms until they become advanced? OCT Eye Scans can effectively detect early issues with your eyesight and eye health. Book an OCT Eye Scan with our friendly and helpful team of Melbourne Optometrists.

What is an OCT Eye Scan?

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OCT Eye Scans are similar to ultrasounds, where real-time internal images of your eyes are taken using light waves. These light waves give our Melbourne Optometrists a detailed view of the back of the eye, including your retina. We use OCT Scans to check for the appearance of eye structures while monitoring eye conditions like glaucoma and retinal diseases.

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Why should you get an OCT Scan?

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) eye scans are a non-invasive imaging test. They use light waves to take cross-section pictures of your retina. By using 3D scans of the retina, macula and optic nerve, our Melbourne Optometrists can view the granular structures of your eye to allow for an advanced and accurate examination. OCT Eye Scans monitor any changes in your eye health and are used to develop tailored treatment plans. Book your OCT Scan appointment here.

Why choose The Eye Lab for OCT Eye Scans?

Our optometrists are trained and experienced in OCT Eye Scans and are passionate about helping you maintain eye health and protect your eyesight. They work closely with you to develop a tailored treatment plan that may include eye drops, glasses, and contact lenses to suit your lifestyle.

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At the Eye Lab, we offer a range of services to check the health of your eyes. Book an OCT Eye Scan today.


Does Medicare cover OCT Eye Scans?

Medicare doesn’t cover OCT Eye Scans provided by Optometrists. For more information on the cost of OCT Eye Scans, call on 0400 532 164.

How often should you have an OCT Scan for your Eyes?

Our Optometrists recommend an OCT Eye Scan at least every two years to monitor your eye health. The frequency of OCT Scans for your eyes will depend on your age, eye health, whether you’re in a high-risk group and your family history.

What can an OCT Eye Scan detect?

An OCT Eye Scan is an advanced diagnostic tool that can detect eye conditions like retinal diseases and glaucoma. With up to 75% of vision loss being preventable and treatable, our Melbourne Optometrists can monitor and treat your eye health.

How Much Does an OCT Scan Cost at the Eye Lab?

An OCT Scan at the Eye Lab typically cost $75. The Eye Lab offers mixed billing, where Medicare covers some of our services and procedures. Contact our friendly and helpful team for more information on our services for your eye health and the estimated costs.

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