Do you love to look effortlessly classic? Aviator sunglasses have been a timeless choice for anyone who wants to look chic and sophisticated.  The story behind the innovation of this iconic eyewear idea is an interesting one. During World War I, when aircraft were first used for warfare in the US, pilots found it extremely hard to fly during the day. The piercing sunlight and the glaring brightness at high altitudes made it difficult for the pilots to see. As a perfect solution for strained eyes and the glaring sun, optics manufacturer Bausch & Lomb came up with teardrop-shaped glasses with full eye coverage. The glasses ensured excellent protection from the sunlight and reduced strain for easy and safe flying. Later on, these glasses went on to become the stylish Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses.

Are aviators still in style?

While Aviator sunglasses were first made in the 1930s for the convenience of fighter pilots, they quickly rose to fame even among civilians. Decades later are aviators still in style? If there is a word to describe the highly practical and stylish design of aviators, it is; timeless! Ever since the 1950s, Aviator sunglasses took over the world with their perfect blend of fashion and functionality. With the classic Aviators making their way to the silver screen and the red carpet, people started loving it even more. Who can forget super handsome Tom Cruise sporting the coolest look with Aviator sunglasses in his movie, Top Gun!

The original Aviator sunglasses have a teardrop shape that turns narrow towards the cheeks. The curvy lenses and wide frames give enhanced protection from UV rays. The older designs of Aviators used to have a top unibrow bar for preventing sweat dripping into the eyes and a thin rim. Over the years, newer styles and designs emerged with multiple lens colours and frame materials. With so many options to choose from, buying yourself a classic pair of Aviator sunglasses will be a worthwhile addition to your wardrobe. From stunning black aviator sunglasses to the iconic gold to the latest mirrored lenses, you have a plethora of options to buy from!

Are aviators unisex?

Aviator sunglasses have been known to be a sign of manhood because it was originally invented for men. While active pilots continue to sport their professional style, civilians too flaunt sophistication with aviators. But can women wear aviators? Are aviators unisex? Oh yes! Even though the original designs were made for men, there is nothing that can stop a woman from rocking the look. Some of the designs like the highly popular purple and silver Aviator are perfect for a quintessential diva look. Style your Aviator for an office meeting or a casual day out with your friends,  and make heads turn around wherever you go!

But there is one problem with buying Aviator sunglasses. With the heap load of options,  multiple colours, frames, and designs to choose from, you will be left confused! Let’s know how to choose Aviator sunglasses.

How to pick the best Aviator sunglasses?

Aviators are cool but if you want to look cool in them, you must know how to choose the right one! Too big Aviators may look comical and too small ones might just beat the purpose. The frame should be large enough to cover your eyebrows and convex lenses should not touch your eyelashes. If you have vision problems, you can also customise and get yourself prescription Aviator sunglasses for perfect vision with perfect style.

Here’s a quick guide on how to choose Aviator sunglasses:

  • Quality material: While the norm for classic Aviators is metal frames, you can also get lightweight and modern options like plastic frames with the same iconic sporty look. Some Aviator sunglasses also come in a blend of both plastic and metal. Don’t forget to consider your hair colour and wardrobe options while choosing the frame.

Here’s a fun fact! Do you know that the original Aviator sunglasses were made of 12k gold? Sounds like “heavy-metal” fashion!

  • Picking the right colour: Apart from the glamour and glitz, the colours of Aviator lenses come with high functionality. The original design comes with green lenses that offer a perfect balance between saturation and contrast. Brown lenses help improve vision by enhancing brightness and helping see details well. It is an ideal choice for people who drive to work early in the morning when the sun rays are less.

One of the latest additions to the range of Aviator lenses is the mirrored ones. They offer ideal protection against glare and impart a sharp, rough look. Another one of the most practical yet vogue lens options for Aviator sunglasses is the gradated tones. It is a mix of grey and brown lenses which is darker at the top and lighter at the bottom. The gradient allows excellent protection against strong sunlight and detailed vision.

Plus, with the advancement in lens technology, you can also choose from polarised, anti-reflective, blue-light and photochromic lenses as well.

  • Match and fit your face shape: The iconic teardrop shape of Aviator sunglasses is most ideal for oval, heart and square face shapes. While some frames may suit round faces as well, the classic design might tend to accentuate the curves. Ensure that you get the nose bridge width right so that the frame stays up properly and the lenses can function well too. After all, it’s the blend of purpose and panache that makes Aviator sunglasses one of the bests.

And for those who are still wondering “are Aviator glasses unisex?”, the answer is yes! You can take inspiration from your favourite fashion influencers and style your Aviators the classy feminine way. There are vibrant feminine Aviators too which can turn your look into a sexy style statement.

How much do Aviator sunglasses cost?

Owing to the timeless designs, the Aviator costs range pretty much on the higher side. If you are ready to spend beyond budget, you can have many choices to pick your favourite pair. Quality Aviator sunglasses can range from anywhere between $160 to $800.

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How to style Aviator sunglasses?

Aviators are one of the classiest eyewear designs but one must also know how to style them well.

Here are a few tips on how to style Aviator sunglasses:

  • Aviator sunglasses look elegant with minimalistic clothing. Women can pair them with solid colours and minimal accessories for a subtle and sophisticated look.
  • Avoid flashy jewellery and do not overdo it with too many rings or chains. A thin necklace with plain stud earrings can blend in with the Aviators for a look that enhances and stays central to the eyewear.
  • Aviators are made of elegant metal frames which look perfect with business attires. Accessorise with a watch, collared shirt and chinos and make a lasting first impression at work.
  • Set the tone for the day by elevating your everyday look by pairing your favourite pair of Aviator sunglasses with active wear. Your OOTD will be a perfect blend of sporty and sexy.

Here are some trendy Aviator sunglasses from 2021:

  • Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Classic.
  • Persol Po0649 Aviator Sunglasses.
  • Gucci Aviator-Style Tortoiseshell.
  • Tom Ford Ft0693 Aviator.
  • Cartier Eyewear Aviator-Style Gold-Tone.

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