Do you own a pair of expensive eyewear with polarized lenses but have no clue about how to care for glasses? You have landed on the right page! Keep reading to find why and how to care for your precious eyewear.

Why Do You Need To Clean and Maintain Your Polarized Sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses are the best, aren’t they? With much-needed clarity, minimal colour distortion, and excellent UV rays protection, polarized sunglasses are an extension of your eyesight.  So you need to take care of your sunglasses just like you care for your eyes. You must know how to care for polarized sunglasses. Like your delicate eyes, without ample care and the right practices, your glasses might not function well. Grease, dirt, and dust can lead to permanent damage to your sunglasses. Scratches and smudges on the lenses are not a pleasing sight, plus, it hampers your visibility. It will eventually lead to eye strain, eye infections, and other conditions. Not maintaining your sunglasses well is like mocking the main purpose of wearing sunglasses.

How To Care For Glasses?

Tugging at the arm of your glasses while taking them off or picking up your glasses with greasy fingers is a big NO! You can’t just toss your sunglasses on the couch or onto your car dashboard and expect it to be clean. Keeping your sunglasses irresponsibly can lead to scratched or delaminated lenses or even lopsided arms of the frame. What’s the point of glasses if it loses the look and hampers your vision? You might just end up ruining your branded eyewear and impractically spend a fortune on new ones. So learning how to care for glasses will help you keep your vision clear, eyes safe, and your wallet sound!

But exactly how to take care of sunglasses so that you can extend the life of your favourite pair of sunglasses? Here’s our crisp guide!

How To Care For Polarized Sunglasses? – The 5 Best Tips

Protect the lenses from scratches

If you are someone who has a habit of stuffing their sunglasses into pockets, purses, or simply tossing them into a bag or onto the car dashboard, you are inviting scratches to your lenses. The rule one of how to take care of sunglasses is to stop with this habit. Your sunglasses might get scratched by the rough fabric, keys, pens, or the edges of the files inside your bag. Make sure that you always store your sunglasses in a hard case so that the lenses remain protected from contacting rough or abrasive surfaces. A microfiber cloth pouch is an even better option to keep your polarized sunglasses safe. It acts as a softcover and also doubles as a scratch-free cleaning cloth.

Get rid of the smudges and dirt

Nothing looks worse than lenses smeared with grime and greasy fingerprints. Make sure that you always wash and wipe your hands before you put on or take off your sunglasses. However, getting rid of grime and dust from your glasses is not that easy because no matter how many times you wipe them clean, the dirt might reappear. It can be sweat and natural oils from the skin, dirt from the fingertips, salty water, or even makeup residue. The most important thing while learning how to care for glasses is to know the right way to wash them.

Step 1: Start with clean and dry hands.

Step 2: Rinse your polarized sunglasses under lukewarm water.

Step 3: Use mild dishwashing soap and lather your fingers. Make sure that you do not use any harsh chemicals or moisturizing soap to clean.

Step 4: Rub the lather onto the lenses gently with your fingers, for about 30 seconds.

Step 5: Rinse and dry them with a lint-free microfiber cloth.

Step 6: Along with the lenses, wipe clean the nose pads and frame too.

Not all clothes are for wiping your glasses!

Come on! Let’s not shy away from the fact that we have all wiped our glasses on random t-shirts, a friend’s scarf, with a handkerchief, or even a tissue.  Rule no. 3 of how to care for polarized sunglasses is to only clean them with a lint-free microfiber cloth. Avoid wet tissues, paper, or other fabrics to clean your lenses as they might leave behind an oily film or streaks. Stop the lazy deal of using the end of the t-shirt! Rather, keep a small microfiber cloth handy to wipe your sunglasses clean without any traces.

You can take cleaning to the next level by preparing a home sunglasses kit with several clean microfiber cloths, a professional lens cleaning solution, a bottle of gentle dishwashing soap, a hard case, and a soft microfiber pouch.

Don’t leave it in the car!

This tip sounds more like a parenting tip than on how to take care of sunglasses! Many of us have forgetfully left our glasses in the car or sometimes even left them knowingly on the dashboard. And then we wonder why the glasses are delaminated?! When you leave your car parked in the hot sun, it becomes an oven! The intense heat can degrade the mirroring and anti-reflective coatings on the lenses. Make sure that you always keep them in a hard sunglasses case that protects them from extreme temperatures. Plus, the next time you apply a sudden break, the case will protect it from cracking when it slides off the dashboard.

Handle with care!

While wearing or taking off your sunglasses, make sure that you don’t tug the arm of it. People often do that with one arm of the frame and eventually, that arm might bend a little. If you don’t know how to care for glasses or handle them right, the glasses might end up sitting crookedly on your face. To avoid a lopsided look, always hold your sunglasses by the bridge. With branded eyewear, you don’t have to worry at all. Branded sunglasses can be readjusted easily at your optician’s or a sunglasses store.

Hope our short manual on how to care for polarized sunglasses will help you maintain and love your all-time favourite pair of Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, or Oakley for a longer time. Visit The Eye Lab and browse through the vast range of trendy sunglasses from high-end eyewear brands!