Did you just sit on the couch and hear something snap? Oops! We have all faced that awkward moment when you either sat on your sunglasses or dropped them or accidentally stepped on them. If the lenses shatter, you have no other option but to replace the lenses. But what to do in case the frame is damaged? With a bent arm, the sunglasses might look lopsided or sit crooked on your face.  Don’t worry! You don’t need to spend money on buying a brand new pair. Bent arms can be easily unbent too! Wondering how to fix crooked sunglasses frames?  We’ll teach you how to revive your sunglasses frame.

Find what to fix!

Before we learn how to fix crooked sunglasses, the first thing you need to do is to identify the problem. You need to find out why exactly your sunglasses are looking lopsided when you wear them. Here’s a simple way to check which arm of your sunglasses frame is bent; place your sunglasses on any flat surface and check which side/arm of the frame does not touch the surface. Viola! That’s the arm that you need to fix.

Be Slow and Steady

Don’t be heartbroken yet because your favourite pair of sunglasses doesn’t sit perfectly on your face. The first step of learning how to straighten crooked sunglasses is to be patient.  Note that you need to be patient before you start fixing your glasses. If you try fixing it in a hurry or with too much force, you might end up damaging the sunglasses frame beyond repair. It’s really ot the right time to turn your Hulk Mode on!

Sometimes the glasses can be too tight around your temples or might be too loose.  Many people have the habit of placing their sunglasses on the head which often leads to the arms of the frame widening apart. Don’t try to force the frame back into shape because you don’t want the sunglasses to snap. The key to fixing your frame is to be slow and steady and using just the right amount of pressure and techniques. With our crisp guide on how to fix crooked sunglasses frames, you won’t have to spend a fortune on buying another expensive pair.

Fixing the Frame

While you learn how to straighten crooked sunglasses, one of the crucial things to keep in mind is the material of your sunglasses frame. The techniques to mend bent frames vary according to what your frame is made of. There are mainly 2 types of frame materials:

  • Metal
  • Acetate

How to fix crooked sunglasses frames made of acetate?

Do you know that professional eyewear technicians use a box filled with warm sand to realign the arms of acetate frames? The warm sand provides an ideal temperature that makes the acetate frame flexible enough to readjust without making it melt. If it’s your first time trying how to fix crooked sunglasses, it’s quite unlikely that you have sand to help you mend it. Don’t worry; instead of warm sand you can also use warm water or steam.

Step 1: Take a shallow bowl with enough width to fit in your acetate sunglasses. Fill it up with warm water that’s not too hot to touch. If it scalds you, it might melt the plastic too, so ensure the right temperature.

Step 2: Hold your sunglasses under the water in the bowl or hold it over the steam and expose the frame to the heat for about a minute.

Step 3: You will notice that with the effect of the heat, the acetate material will become pliable enough to bend. Use your fingers to hold the frame steadily while you adjust and realign the frame with your thumbs. Make sure that you use very small amounts of pressure at a time.

Step 4: Put the sunglasses on and see if you need any other changes or adjustments. If yes, repeat from step 1.

If not water or steam, you can also use a hairdryer to make the material warm and pliable.

How to fix crooked sunglasses made of metal?

Unlike plastic sunglasses frames, metal frames cannot be fixed with mere fingers.  You need the right tools while you learn how to straighten crooked sunglasses made of metal. All you need is a soft, plastic-tipped plier and a piece of thin cloth.

Step 1: Use a handkerchief or a simple towel to cover the glasses to prevent any plier marks or other damages. Do not use thick towels or napkins. Thin cloth helps give the right idea of the frame beneath it for easy fixing.

Step 2: Place your pliers over the bent area of the frame arm that needs fixing. Securely clasp the frame of your sunglasses with the pliers, without applying too much pressure.  Too little pressure does nothing and too much pressure might worsen the shape or even cause the frame to break.

Step 3: Put your sunglasses on and check if the frame sits well on your face or does it still look lopsided? If yes, continue straightening and aligning as per your need.

Can the manufacturers guide me how to fix crooked sunglasses frames?

When it comes to branded and high-end eyewear pieces, you might fret even at the slightest damage to your sunglasses. Some people might even fear damaging it further and paying a hefty amount for repairs. You can always ask the brand representative at the eyewear store or call the customer service number for reliable guidance on how to straighten crooked sunglasses. All reputed luxury eyewear brands offer assistant services and even warranties for manufacturing defects. All you need to do is; ASK!

When should I go to a professional to get my sunglasses fixed?

While you may have a lot of fun and insights while learning how to fix crooked sunglasses on your own, taking it to a professional is always the best option. It’s like how home remedies do work well for coughs and colds, but the best cure lies with the medical professional.

There are several other types of frame materials like aluminum alloy, memory titanium or plastic which might need professional help to fix.  Plus there are fragile frame designs which cannot be fixed with inexperienced hands.  The optician’s expertise is the Mida’s Touch to revive your sunglasses to look and feel as good as brand new.

Hope our tips on how to fix crooked sunglasses frames will help you mend those cool pair of sunglasses that you buried deep in your closet because of a simple bent.

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