Whether or not Designer Sunglasses, Glasses or Frames are worthwhile is a hot topic debate. Read on to find out what we think here at the Eye Lab Melbourne.

Where are they made?

Many the world’s designer frames are hand made in Italy, brands such as Dior, Fendi, Celine, Gucci and Tom Ford all call North Italy home. Italian and French designers have a long and synonymous history with quality and bespoke pieces, using only the best materials and employing best practices, to ensure, the investment you make, stands the test of time. The durability of the frame comes down to the type of material used. In cheaper more mass-produced optical frames, frames are mould injected, with poor quality plastics such as propionate, and polyamide.  With higher end materials such as Optyl being preferred for its durability and memory shape abilities. High end metal frames, are constructed with gold plated alloys and titanium which is manufactured in Japan (known for its high-quality titanium)

Are they worth the price tag?

Designer frames, as mentioned above, are made to last. They are designed and manufactured by hand, and must pass strict quality control, that other mass-produced frame companies do not abide by. It is this attention to detail and striving for perfection, that ultimately warrants the price tag. When I started my optical journey, I purchased my first Tom Ford optical frame. This frame is still with me. Not only is it, in rather good condition, despite its age, the design of the frame, is considered “core” Tom Ford and thus is timeless.

Do they hold up to everyday life?

The frames are tested extensively. Frames that do not make the cut, are not released to the market, but are melted down and reforged into new frames. Our frames come with a minimum of 1year manufacturing warranty, although in most cases, individual brands have two- or three-year warranties on manufacturing defects, such is their confidence in their product.

Final verdict.

Designer frames go through a stringent evaluation process, that takes the hand made frames and evaluates them for durability under load and stress of everyday life. Think of these frames as long-term investments, that can be kept and reused continuously for years to come. Their fashion forward and core to each designer’s range, so the style is unlucky to fall out of favour any time soon.