If you are looking for high-quality eyeglasses that offer excellent vision along with vogue style, Tom Ford glasses are what you need. In the world of luxury eyewear, Tom Ford glasses have set the ultimate benchmark in terms of quality, range, and high-end fashion. Each eyewear from this genius luxury brand is a perfect amalgamation of innovative functionality, uncompromised comfort, and classic designs. The unparalleled panache and excellence have made the brand a celebrity must-have.  You must have seen some of your favourite celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Kanye West, and Angelina Julie making remarkable style statements by sporting their Tom Ford glasses. People are often left to wonder how much are Tom Ford glasses for? Well, high-end fashion comes at high-end prices!

But apart from the celebrity bling and the pricey affair, are Tom Ford glasses worth it? Buying luxury eyewear, be it prescription or sunglasses, is like an investment decision for the common folk. You must get to know more about the iconic Tom Ford range before buying a pair for yourself. How much do they cost, where can I buy Tom Ford glasses from, and which model I should buy are some of the questions that must be pestering you. Keep reading our guide to Tom Ford sunglasses to get informative answers to all your questions.

Are Tom Ford Glasses Good?

Have you often wondered why Tom Ford glasses are so widely popular? Tom Ford designs exhibit timeless elegance while catering to a wide range of vision needs. Here are more reasons why Tom Ford glasses are worth it:

1) High-quality material

Each eyewear frame by Tom Ford is made of high-quality materials like metal, acetate, and nylon-based plastic which are stronger, flexible, and more long-lasting as compared to regular plastic. The sturdy frames are wear-resistant and such is the durability that even second-hand Tom Ford glasses are worth purchasing. Each frame is meticulously crafted with excellent attention to detail that ensures supreme comfort and global standards. Are Tom Ford glasses worth it? Yes!

2) Innovative vision solutions

From reading glasses to prescription glasses to stylish sunglasses, the Tom Ford eyewear range has the perfect vision solutions for all. As eye care professionals, we at The Eye Lab love Tom Ford eyewear! One of the most remarkable innovations by the Tom Ford range is the Blue Block Optical glasses that smartly limit exposure to blue light emitted from electronic devices like laptops and mobiles. Tom Ford optical glasses filter the blue light to reduce digital eye strain and other harmful consequences like migraine. Even for sunglasses, you can get custom prescription lenses so that you never have to compromise on style or vision the next time you go out. Plus, it also offers optimal protection from UV rays and sun damage. So, the answer for “are Tom Ford glasses good?” sounds like a big yes!

3) Stunning versatile designs

The Tom Ford range, especially sunglasses, is one of the most sought-after fashion eyewear globally. The wide range of designs presents a perfect mix of style, function, and comfort fit ideal for both, men and women who love unique sophistication. With the vast variety of iconic designs, you will be confused about which pair of eyewear to choose!

Tom Ford glasses and sunglasses bring forth a blend of sleek and elegant designs combined with stunning retro shapes that offer a wide range of unique selections. Some of the latest vintage eyewear trends include the Tom Ford Samuele sunglasses TF246 and the Tom Ford Nikita cat-eye sunglasses TF173. Psst… fun fact! In the Bond movies Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, Agent 007 sported the aviator Tom Ford William sunglasses TF207 and the Tom Ford Marko sunglasses TF144.

Who Makes Tom Ford Glasses?

The name of the man behind the luxury eyewear range is quite obvious. Former actor and renowned designer, Tom Ford launched his namesake luxury brand in 2005 with high-end commodities like clothing, accessories, fragrances, eyewear, and cosmetics. Tom Ford glasses made their magnificent entry into the fashion landscape with a glorious fusion of vintage style and contemporary sophistication.  As a leading designer and the torch-bearing genius of the fashion world, his well-crafted eyewear designs timelessly rule the industry with meticulous workmanship, exquisite detailing, and high-quality materials. The Tom Ford eyewear collection is made in Italy by the Marcolin group. 

How Much Are Tom Ford Glasses?

Well, let’s put it this way, if you are on a budget, Tom Ford glasses are not for you. For a high-end eyewear brand like Tom Ford, you can expect the cost to range anywhere from $350 to $700. If you are in a dilemma of whether or not to buy a pair of Tom Ford, read again about why Tom Ford glasses are worth it and make a smart choice! Keep looking out for exclusive discounts, promo codes, and sales at recognized retail shops and online retailers to save some money. You can also cut come costs by availing of complementary discounts when you opt for an eye test at your optometrist.

How to Identify Authentic Tom Ford?

Where can I buy Tom Ford glasses that are authentic? One of the biggest concerns while buying luxury brand items is the chances of getting your hands on counterfeit products. Here are some indicators to ensure that you are buying an authentic pair of Tom Ford glasses:

  • New Tom Ford glasses always come in a Tom Ford brand box. Ensure that the logo and the font match the official Tom Ford logo.
  • Ensure that the box comes with a retail label on it.
  • Every pair of Tom Ford glasses is packaged with a booklet and an authenticity card.
  • Check the top left corner of the lens for the sign “Tom Ford”.
  • Check the left arm of the glasses for the model or code number.
  • All new models of the Tom Ford eyewear range will have the serial number on the tip.

Where Can I Buy Tom Ford Glasses?

You can check with authorized ophthalmologists and recognized online retailers for genuine Tom Ford eyewear. If you are planning to buy a cool pair of Tom Ford glasses, The Eye Lab houses some of the most iconic sunglasses and prescription glasses under the brand. At The Eye Lab, you can get guaranteed optical prescription glasses and customized prescription sunglasses from the Tom Ford range. We ensure that we cater to your vision needs and style requirements with exceptional service, authentic merchandise, and the latest brands and styles. 

Some of the most popular Tom Ford Glasses

Now that you have your answers on how much Tom Ford glasses cost and are Tom Ford glasses worth it, it’s time to make the ultimate choice! Here are some of the most loved designs from the iconic range that blends vintage classic with contemporary vogue: 

Tom Ford Sunglasses:

  • Tom Ford Dimitri Aviator Sunglasses: The frame has a classic aviator shape with a gold upper rim and a stark black inferior rim modified frame.
  • Tom Ford FT0671: A supremely versatile pair of Tom Ford sunglasses with soft and neutral colors ideal for beachwear as well as professional suits.
  • Tom Ford FT0710: A trendy design with a unique frame that continues onto the earpiece for a perfect summer look.

Tom Ford eyeglasses:

  • Tom Ford FT5293: A tortoise coloured tinted cat eye with a subtle classic square frame for the quintessential working women.
  • Tom Ford FT5379: A classic pair of Tom Ford glasses with an elegant ombre effect that imparts a professional and sophisticated look.
  • Tom Ford 5531: A stunning piece of eyewear with a minimalistic design featuring a unique nose piece and delicate frame. The fashion mogul, Tom Ford himself has been seen sporting this look!

To get your hands on more iconic Tom Ford glasses and high-end eyewear in Melbourne, check out the range at The Eye Lab today!